Seven Ways to Increase Your Chances Up to 50% at Sports Betting
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Seven Ways to Increase Your Chances Up to 50% at Sports Betting
Date : October 28,2018
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Whether you are a newcomer in the sports betting world or even an old-timer, we can agree that in sports betting, the chances of winning are much higher compared to other games like playing the roulette or craps.

While the latter are games of chance, you will find that staking in sports gives you better odds since it involves prediction for the most possible outcome. Below are some suggestions that you can study to realize good profits with Start winning better.

Setting Bets on the Right Sportsbook
Stats have shown that bettors who put their bets with an accurate sports bookie stand a chance of improving their chances of winning as high as 3%.

Bet Against what the Public believes in
There is a common belief that going against the public can set you apart from the rest. This tactic could be helpful and has seen many bettors who have made it as they bet on the “other” team that no one else dare takes the chance. However, you'll need to be a seasoned staker to pull this risk off. Unless you're always analyzing and studying teams' match previews and games, this logic might not hold true, which brings us to the next point...

Do Your Homework Before a Big Game Kicks Off
Sports betting involves predictions, even so, it is still vital to do some research on the games. Be ahead of other bettors by learning about circumstances, chances, and odds based on historical data. This includes facts like which player is missing in the game due to injury or sickness and other factors that might highly influence the end results.

Go for the Underdog
If you have been studying statistics for a while, you'll likely to notice that it is more desirable to bet on an underdog at home ground. Remember this team has played on their home ground for a long time and they have mastered the ins and outs of their game.

Earn from Arbitrage Bets
Arbitrage bets are an all-time favorite with many professional bettors but beginners can also benefit from them. These types of bets are almost an assured way of making money, despite the outcome of the game.

Make use of Square and Sucker Lines
The majority of sports bettors tend to stay away from the use of square lines. These are simply lines which have been invented to attract the public's opinion of betting a certain way. The tip is actually to monitor the trend in the betting percentages and once you discover the trend, you will be in a better and upper position to make some good money along these lines.

Never Bet when You are Drunk!
You might underestimate this scenario from happening but it happens more often than we can all count. Basic knowledge decrees that when a person is drunk he/she has impaired judgment. Alcohol can even trigger you into that surreal courage, where you end up making a bet in a rash which could end u to be an expensive affair. Start your journey here.

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