The Top Five Best Sports To Bet On
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The Top Five Best Sports To Bet On
Date : July 16,2018
Author : Asher K Categories : 5. Basketball – In a fast-paced game such as basketball wherein points are scored so frequently, there are countless opportunities to win. Games come thick and fast providing more betting opportunities. Basketball is a reasonably unpredictable sport which means one can often find some favorable odds.

4. Cricket –Cricket is a sport in which there is a significant amount of different markets. For people with extensive knowledge of the sport, betting on cricket can bring great rewards. Insights on how a game of cricket pans out can be provided by player form and historical results.

3. Boxing – Boxing is a sport wherein there are a plethora of markets such as round betting and KO betting that can be profitable. It is a sport in which the favorite for a fight is very rarely beaten, this means that you can build a favorites accumulator and stake a sizeable amount with fairly low risk.

2. Tennis Largely due to the fast-paced nature of tennis and the scoring system, there is a multitude of opportunities to make money whilst betting on the sport. It’s also possible to bet on each set in tennis as if it were a separate game. This means between each set you can evaluate and analyze performance and momentum and make a decision on which player you believe will come out on top.

1. Football – FFootball is the most watched sport in the entirety of the world. Hence, it offers the most markets when it comes to betting. One of the preferred ways of betting for most people is through accumulators; typically the most profitable bets on football are doubles or trebles in which the stake is quite high. 

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