RB Leipzig Is Fast Rising and Here Is Why
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RB Leipzig Is Fast Rising and Here Is Why
Date : August 17,2018
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    Since 2009 when the club was born, RB Leipzig has been making a steady rise, and this has been attributed to its interest in working with much younger footballers. RB stands for Red Bull who were the initial owners of the team and whose hard work and commitment helped bring success to this soccer club. However, the club changed ownership, and RB now stands for Rasen Ballsport.


    Red Bull

    When Redbull sold the club, it was already at the 5th-division in Bundesliga. Unfortunately, most German soccer fans tend to judge a club based on how old it is.

    This seemed to have worked against RB, and some rival fans dislike the club due to what is seen as a fast-tracked success.

    The club does not seem deterred, and they have established themselves as the fiercest rivals of an equally successful club, Borussia Dortmund.


    2016-17 Season Performance

    Although the club is less than ten years old, RB Leipzig finished the last season (2016-2017) in the second position right behind Bundesliga’s undisputed king, Bayern Munich.

    RB Leipzig owes part of their success to one of their best forwarders, Timo Werner who scored 21 goals for the team in the last season.


    2017-18 Season Performance

    The football season is almost coming to a close, and so far, there are three top teams in Bundesliga with RB Leipzig missing out a great deal.

    Currently, they are at number 7, and there is little hope of ending the season with an impressive performance.


    RB Leipzig’s Central Midfielder Naby Keita

    Naby Keita is one of the best players at Leipzig. He has been an integral part of their dominance in the previous season. A lot of football fans compare his skills to those of notable players like N’Golo Kante.

    Reliable sources indicate that he could be joining Liverpool in the 2018 summer window. Looking to a season of consistent winnings here.



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