Betting on the total goals market
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Betting on the total goals market
Date : August 17,2018
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    One of the biggest alternative markets for football is the total goals market. In this market, you do not have to choose who will win the game, which is why it is so appealing to many people. All you need to do here is select how many goals you think the players will score in the game. The prediction doesn’t need to be exact, as the bookmakers will create a line, and you have to select whether there will be over or under that amount of goals in the game.

    One of the biggest reasons this market appeals so much is because it is a two-way market. The lines created by the bookmakers all end in .5, for example, 2.5 goals. This means that there can never be a draw, it is a two-way bet and you either win or you lose. The process keeps things simple, and it is what a lot of punters are looking for.

    The standard line used by bookmakers is 2.5 goals, this means you bet on whether there will be two goals or less in a game, or three goals or more. The odds of this happening are usually just below even money and can often be the same for both outcomes.

    The bookmakers have introduced further lines to this type of betting, and the other line that is becoming increasingly popular is the 1.5 goal line. This is much easier to predict than the 2.5 line, and a lot of people use this line in an accumulator, backing numerous games to have two goals or more. The odds on offer are quite low, but together in an accumulator, they can bring significant returns.

    For those that want to place a single on a game containing a large number of goals, additional lines for 3.5 goals and 4.5 goals have also been created. The odds on there being over this amount of goals can be big enough to give a great return, even for just a single bet.

    A number of different betting opportunities on the total goals market is growing all the time. With so many different lines created, you can use this market to bet any way you like. The market is good for an accumulator using the 1.5 goal line, but also good for singles on the bigger lines.

    The big appeal this market has for many people is that you do not need to pick out a team to win the game. All you have to do is pick out games that you think will contain a lot of goals, or few goals, depending on whether you back over or under the line. This offers an alternative method of betting that many people are being drawn to.

    If you are yet to play the total goals market, then the new season is a great time to get involved. With many different betting opportunities available, there will be something you like and remember; you do not have to pick out what team will win the game.


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