How to Profit with Soccer Betting Using the Home Team Advantage
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How to Profit with Soccer Betting Using the Home Team Advantage
Date : September 10,2018
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    Home team advantage is one of the most sought-after tips in soccer betting. In most cases, the home ground advantage has been common knowledge for many years, and in this article, we will take a look at how a punter can use the home team advantage to reap big with soccer betting.


    Look Out for Home Team Stats

    Although chances of a home team conceding fewer goals are always high, it is never a guarantee that they will beat their opponents and therefore, it is essential to take a careful look at their statistics and study the trend of their performance while at home and when away.

    Additionally, consider other prevailing situations like a particular player missing due to injury or the referee of the day as some are known to be biased.


    When Does Home Team Advantage Occur?

    There are so many theories behind this occurrence, and while some theories revolving around home ground familiarity is true, not all that is believed to be behind home team advantage is true.  The best way to go about this is by looking at other prevailing factors that would occasion a home advantage. One of them could be the weather of the area.

    For example, an away team might be visiting a particular team, e.g., Europe, where the weather conditions tend to be on the extreme side (either too hot or too cold).

    If the players are not familiar with such weather, this will influence their performance, and the home team would have the upper hand.

    The other tip would be looking at the consistency of the home team. Look at how many times they win a home game as compared to their away game, the higher the percentage, the more likely the history would repeat itself.

    Betting on the home team can make a punter good profit, but they are never a guarantee. 

    However, if done in the right manner, this is one of the most rewarding betting niches. Especially when using a genuine service such as sboexpert.

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