The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer
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The Best Strategies For Betting On Soccer
Date : May 07,2019
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As people often say, betting is a mix of luck and strategy. Randomly picking a team to bet on with no rhyme or reason may work every now and again, but this is the absolute worst way to go about gambling if you want to make long term profits. 

If you’re thinking of habitually betting in the future adopting a few strategies, or developing your own is the smart thing to do.

Keep in mind that although strategies work, they won't guarantee a payout. The world is unpredictable, and no amount of research or calculations will help you predict the future. 

All you can do is make an educated guess and hope for the best. But, to make things a little less risky and uncertain, here are some methods you could make use of next time you make a wager.

Look for value

This approach is less of a strategy and more of habit; that any punter should adopt, as being able to spot value will give you an edge over the bookmaker. 

When you feel that you have found a situation where the odds on offer reflect a probability that is either less or more likely to take place, in reality, you have found value, and a bet is priced less than its worth, you have found value. To do this, you will have to determine your odds.


Hedging your bet involves placing a bet on multiple different outcomes that are different from your original bet. Hedging is done with the hope to achieve a guaranteed profit, no matter what the issue. You make additional bets to make sure that even if you lose your initial bet, the payout one of your other wages will fully or partially make up for the loss. Hedging is now substantially easier, as most bookmakers now offer back and lay betting.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is very similar to hedging your bets. With this strategy as well, you make wagers on multiple different outcomes. With hedging, you place all your bets with one bookmaker. With arbitrage betting, on the other hand, you make use of different sportsbooks’ varying odds and place multiple bets with multiple different bookmakers. If you play your cards right, you'll make a profit, no matter what.

Progressive betting

Progressive betting isn't a long time strategy. Using this technique in short bursts is wise, and consists of two types.

Positive, progressive betting - This is when you increase your stake every time you win a bet.

Negative progressive betting - Each time you lose a bet, you increase your stake the next time around.

Sign up with multiple bookmakers

Bookmakers are always on edge to try to entice more people to bet with them. So, they often offer their customers several bonuses that reduce or completely negate the risk involved in betting, such as free bets, rebates, deposit offers, etc. 

The problem is, a bookmaker won't offer you bonuses all the time. So register with a few (tipsters as well), and bet with the one that gives you the best offers. Research always comes first!

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