Technique to Predict a Football Match Result
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Technique to Predict a Football Match Result
Date : September 22,2019
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Relying on luck is not the most accurate way when trying to predict the results of football matches. As far as the records are concerned, we have often seen weak teams win over games against their strong opponents, though it might have occurred in rare instances. Therefore relying on statistics would serve better in such cases. Some more tips and guidelines are enlisted to help out in the task of predicting the results of football matches accurately. These tips are as follows :

Methods of Predicting Football Matches Successfully: When considering the question of predicting football matches, we need first to consider the variables and acquire a clear understanding of what kind of data should be used for prediction. When it comes to football, the first and foremost data to be considered here is the team performance data.

This data comprises:
  • Goal difference
  • Location of shots
  • Shots on target
  • Shots on goal
  • Possession

These data will provide accurate information about the current odds between the two opponents.

  1. Football Prediction: Goal Expectancy - Information on goal expectancy in most cases can be found on sports forums. Prediction on this matter can also be predicted from the match previews; professional commentators can provide the necessary information on all possible goals in a match. Special attention should also be paid to the ball possession rates of the teams. Data regarding the goal expectancy can also be collected from these sources to understand the possibility of goals between the groups.
  2. The Home Ground Advantage - According to the statistical information, the team with home ground advantage performs comparatively better whereby it is also stated that a club which plays at home can get 0.74 goal advantage. According to the statistical information for the last five seasons where the football clubs from Europe 's Leagues had much better home ground performance. Therefore we can calculate these data when considering the betting odds for two opposing teams.
  3. Goal Differential - information on Goal differential can provide the best possible data about the match. It is the most available data in any form of statistical category. Taking a look at the previous games of the team to predict the results better.
  4. Team Roaster - It is said that an organization is as strong as the weakest link. So one should first take a look at who is going to play the match before predicting anything as the best players in the game can undoubtedly provide a better chance for the team.
  5. Shot on Goal - As per statistics, the more one tries to shoot a goal, the more is the chance of achieving it. Therefore one needs to find the data about the ball, possession for the team, and their quality of goal shots for accurate prediction.
  6. Location of shots - This serves as an essential data for prediction as some units can make the best shots from certain positions in the field. The opposing team may also have the best defense from another part of the same area. Therefore the possibility of different shots has to be calculated from different parts of the field.
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